The Making of Secrets in America

Secrets in America started in response to a news conference held in Stanislaus County, California. It was there the Stanislaus Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance announced reported cases of elder abuse were up nearly 50 % over the past 4-5 years. As a result, seed money was solicited from Kaiser Permanente and the Stanislaus Community Foundation to create a half-hour television production on the issue. The project involved the dedication and work of many personal friends and associates. These wonderful people were willing to donate their time and talent for this important cause - everyone from videographers and researchers to my very special next-door neighbor, Catherine Ruch, who served as a model for all of the artwork on the project. And, no, Catherine and her delightful husband have never been the victims of elder abuse; rather, they are passionate about the cause and generous with their lives.

Essential to the final result of this project has been the generous work of the staff at Cornerstone Studios, who in partnership with Stanislaus County, have helped to bring to life the Secrets in America project.

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